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Aroma Freedom Technique

What would be possible in life if you could identify & release
what keeps you from connecting to your dreams?

Aroma Freedom
combines a simple psychological process with the power of Essential Oils to help people release emotional and mental blocks to living into their dreams. Designed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, clinical psychologist, after years of research and experience with clients, this technique has the potential to transform and bring freedom to every area of your life.

Sessions may be done in person, by phone or Zoom. Aroma Freedom sessions require the use of specific Young Living Essential Oil blends so distance appointments will need to be scheduled with enough lead time for oils to be provided if you do not have what is needed. Schedule these sessions by phone or email. Contact Me

Aroma Freedom Techniques
There are three interlocking techniques in the Aroma Freedom repertoire. Each addresses different ways we may become stuck in living empowered lives.
The Memory Resolution Technique helps us move past memories that feel incomplete, unresolved or still carry an emotional charge.
For a current situation that is creating feelings of being stuck, worried, or overwhelmed there is the Aroma Reset Technique.
When there is a goal we want to achieve in the future and we’re feeling blocked, procrastinating or just not able to get our momentum going, we use The Aroma Freedom Technique. The process reaches into the present or past and clears anything that is interfering with achieving this goal.
If you’d like to see what’s possible before booking a private session, consider attending one of the monthly group meetings in The Empowered Living Series.

What clients have to say about Aroma Freedom

The Aroma Freedom exercise was pretty amazing. I could feel the negative feelings lifting as we went through each step. It was such an interesting feeling as each area of my body lightened as it released. At the end, I was holding back giggles, I was so happy! And I had the best night of sleep in weeks! Thank you!
Stacy, Dayton  OH
After my Aroma Freedom session with Sherry, I was released from my fear of rejection enough to trust in people being receptive to cold call potential new clients for their business. I can’t wait to do Aroma Freedom again!
Lin, Arlington TX
“I did a session this morning with Sherry using essential oils to become emotionally empowered. It is amazing how good I feel!! Leave negativity and "can't do" behind. How many of you feel good when you smell the earth after a rain? The salt in the ocean at the beach? The trees in the mountains? We are emotionally attached to our senses. Let essential oils be the tool you use to attain your goals.”   
Jill, Arlington TX

Experiencing Aroma Freedom with Sherry was very helpful. She used Aroma Freedom to help me clear some of the trauma from the death of my daughter 17 years ago. I felt more relaxed and slept better. A few days after this session, I went through a box of old photographs that I had avoided for years and was able to be more detached and actually enjoy some of the memories they stimulated.
Kathy, Fort Worth TX

**Disclaimers & Disclosures

Sessions with Empowered Joy are not intended to replace treatments prescribed by western medicine health practitioners. Sherry Coffman is not a licensed medical nor naturopathic professional and does not diagnose nor treat conditions.  Sherry is trained in and holds certifications in multiple energy/spiritual healing techniques. Clients are advised that suggestions made during sessions with Empowered Joy are not intended to replace any treatments prescribed by a medical doctor.