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Photo by Sherry Coffman, Crystal Viewing

Crystal Viewing

Crystal Viewing sessions incorporate crystals and guided visualization to take clients into former lives. They provide spiritual insight and assist the recipient in breaking old patterns of fear. They allow us to bring knowledge and gifts from past lives into the present as well as helping to define our current soul path. Sherry is a certified Crystal Viewing Practitioner.

Crystal Viewing Sessions must be done in person.

Testimonials for Crystal Viewing

I have been a Theta Healing client for a little while and I love our sessions – they have been incredibly helpful and I particularly enjoy this type of therapy. Recently, I decided to try something new: Crystal Viewing Meditation. While I like and know a bit about the power of crystals and have some of them at home, I never tried to use them for healing purposes.
First of all, Sherry, as usual, was prepared for the appointment before I got there. She is very good about sending reminders, being on time, and being prepared, which is important to me. As we were about to start with the placing of crystals, I started sensing subtle energy vibrations. When she finished the grid, I felt waves of energy moving up and down my body, and that amazing energy surrounded me the whole time. Sherry guided me through the meditation (she is really good at that – I can never meditate but for some reason I can follow the guided meditations she creates easily) and we started the session.
During the session, I had clear visions of things that I needed to see and feel. Sherry was great at helping me decide on my intentions – she makes suggestions but also lets you make your own choices. Her insights are amazing; I always feel like she can verbalize what I am feeling. I had very different experiences in each of the meditations, but in both times I was able to feel the connections with people surrounding me and vibrate on exactly what my intentions were. Of course the intentions were placed in the context of things I needed to learn, and deeply “feeling” these emotions gave me a sense of peace, calm, love, and profound happiness.
Four days after the appointment, I am still carrying these feelings around and feel like this is a new “vibration” for me. After the appointment I asked for a sign that the appointment was good and my intentions were fulfilled. I had, in fact, several signs – but the strongest one was that, a day after the appointment, I was in my room doing something and I looked at my vision board for the year (the one I look at every day of my life!), and I realized that several of my intentions had actually already come true! I felt like a strong wave of energy, light, and happiness, and I understood then that things were coming into place and I was on the right path. It was a very exciting but also peaceful moment.
I cannot wait for my next session – the work continues! Crystal viewing meditation has not only helped me set a new vibration for my thoughts and feelings, but also helped me contextualize some of my issues and see a clear progression to work on them. I am really glad I had that experience, and I am deeply grateful to Sherry for allowing me to work with her and for truly seeing me the way I am and helping me work through my issues – you are gifted and I am blessed to have such a great guide in my journey. Thank you!

Arlington, TX
May 2015

Awesome experience. Sherry impressed me again with a new modality! Energy sure was flowing and it was intense! I have been seeing Sherry for over 6 months now and as a friend, teacher and guide she was always great. But the Crystal Viewing was something else!
Be prepared with your biggest questions, doubts or needs beforehand so it becomes easier to focus on those. As it was my first time exposed to this is what I recommend. The experience allowed me to confirm and clear doubts I had on my choices and values. Definitely would do it again and recommend to all looking to improve themselves by bringing up front things we "know" but end up forgetting with our day to day lives.
Arlington, Texas
April 2015

**Disclaimers and Disclosures
Sessions with Empowered Joy are not intended to replace treatments prescribed by western medicine health practitioners. Sherry Coffman is not a licensed medical nor naturopathic professional and does not diagnose nor treat conditions.  Sherry is trained in and holds certifications in multiple energy/spiritual healing techniques. Clients are advised that suggestions made during sessions with Empowered Joy are not intended to replace any treatments prescribed by a medical doctor.