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Intuition acts as a compass for the soul

Intuition: Your Inner Guidance System
Online Workshop

Intuition works like a compass for your soul to point you in the right direction and keep you on your path when clouds obscure your view. Helping you navigate choppy waters to stay in alignment with your life’s purpose, it works like a GPS for your life’s journey providing guidance whenever you need to reroute around detours. The goal of this workshop is to help participants live more empowered, joyful lives through a stronger connection to intuition.

Over a four week period, participants learn a simple 5 Step process for working more closely with their intuition. We will explore common barriers to hearing and following your inner guidance and use the Aroma Freedom Technique to shift those blocks. Each week will provide a Follow up Focus that will help you continue to clear blocks throughout the week.

Multiple techniques will be used for this purpose including self-reflection exercises, meditation and Aroma Freedom techniques. For this part of the webinar, you'll need several Young Living essential oils:

Lavender, Frankincense & Stress Away.
Inner Child or Thieves
Believe, Transformation or Lemon

If you do not already have these oils, contact Sherry & make arrangements to have oils sent to you.

817 468 1691

or you can order oils directly through this link: Oils for Radiant Living

What participants have to say about this workshop.

Tools for Life
I loved this course. I am fairly new to Aroma Freedom and this course brought me greater understanding of not only the Aroma Freedom process but also enhanced my awareness of self. Through Aroma Freedom Technique and a unique process of learning to center and listen to our inner voice, Sherry provides an atmosphere that allows participants to meet that quiet center we each possess. Sherry's class was well-planned, thoughtful and full of practical tools and applications. She is a confident guide who fully understands how our intuition and the techniques of Aroma Freedom enhance one another. I highly recommend the course to anyone, but especially those of us who are newer in our journey to self- awareness and intuition.  ~ Amy M. Washington DC

An Amazing Inner Journey!
Intuition seems like such a simple subject. We all know that we have an intuition but how do we recognize it from ego? We have been trained in the current world we live in to hush the intuition and to listen instead to the ego. Sherry structured each class to dig at the layers that keep us from being able to recognize and use our intuition. She brought to light things that I hadn't even realized were affecting my ability to hear my inner self. Through the amazing Aroma Freedom system and her smart guidance, I was able to once again start to hear myself talk and understand the actions that I needed to take with each voice. ~ Valerie S. Dallas, Texas

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