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Living in Limitless Abundance. Image credit: Sherry Coffman

Webinar Recording

Sherry’s webinar opened my eyes, mind & heart to the
abundance which surrounds me. Sarah, Pittsburgh PA

Our abundance already exists, it’s a matter of removing the resistance we have to receiving.

There is an infinite source of energy in our Universe that holds unlimited possibilities for all areas of our lives. In order to access the Abundance that is already there for us, we need to develop and then practice ways to keep our minds and our hearts in alignment with our purpose and our passion.

What does Abundance mean to you?

Are you experiencing it in your daily life?

Could you benefit from a new perspective?

Would you like some tools for staying in alignment with Abundance?

In this introductory workshop, Sherry shares what she has found to be two necessary keys to reaching and remaining in alignment with the frequency of Abundance. During the webinar, you will be guided through experiences to shift your frequency, release blocks to Abundance & create a powerfully receptive energy so you can begin Living in Limitless Abundance.

Multiple techniques will be used for this purpose including self-reflection exercises, meditation and the Aroma Reset technique which is a part of the Aroma Freedom Technique umbrella. For this part of the webinar, you'll need 3 Young Living essential oils: Lavender, Frankincense & Stress Away.

If you do not already have these oils, contact Sherry to make arrangements:

817 468 1691

or you can order oils directly through this link: Oils for Radiant Living

What one participant has said about the webinar:

            "I highly recommend Sherry Coffman’s Limitless Abundance webinar.
            I found myself transported to a place of peacefulness and serenity. Sherry's
            tranquil speaking voice created a calm and nurturing atmosphere during the
            webinar. The content was superb and offered wonderful visual as well as
            spoken content. The Aroma Freedom Technique session assisted me in
            opening my mind as well as releasing the past which no longer serves me.
            Sherry’s webinar opened my eyes, mind & heart to the abundance which
            surrounds me."  
            ~ Sarah, Pittsburgh, PA

Maximum reward will be realized by having the essential oils listed above, however; you can still benefit from the exercises & meditations in the webinar without them.

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