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Young Living Essential Oils

Oils For Radiant Living

At Empowered Joy, Essential Oils are an integral part of our sessions. If you are interested in information on how to enhance your daily life with essential oils, I will be happy to advise you. I want the products I use, as well as the service, to be of the highest quality. That is why I use therapeutic-grade oils from Young Living Essential Oils.

Empowered Joy offers sessions using  the AromaDome & Aroma Freedom Technique both designed specifically for use with Young Living Essential Oils.

If you're interested in knowing how you can begin with wholesale membership, here's a short video that gives some info on the growth, harvesting & distilling process as well as ways to use the oils and products in our Premium Starter Kit: Essential Oils Intro

To read more about oils and other products on the Young Living line or set up an account to order, visit:: Oils For Radiant Living

*Young Living products are not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease.

**Disclaimers and Disclosures

Sessions with Empowered Joy are not intended to replace treatments prescribed by western medicine health practitioners. Sherry Coffman is not a licensed medical nor naturopathic professional and does not diagnose nor treat conditions.  Sherry is trained in and holds certifications in multiple energy/spiritual healing techniques. Clients are advised that suggestions made during sessions with Empowered Joy are not intended to replace any treatments prescribed by a medical doctor.