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Partners As Loving Spirits
Partnership As Loving Spirits (PALS)


This is a master class in getting along with other humans.
                                                                         ~Justin, Fort Worth TX

Relationships are more than just finding the “right” person. Once you have connected to a partner, the work of building partnership begins. The goal of this workshop is to help participants identify and release patterns that keep them from having the type of relationships they desire. Weather you'd like to improve relationships at work, home or in your community, this workshop can help you move into empowered connections.

During class, participants will:
Discover personal partnership styles.
Identify and release blocks to successful partnership.
Receive powerful energy downloads for improved partnerships.
Create a vision for the future.

The workshop includes powerful meditations for clearing and manifesting.

What participants have to say about PALS

The Partnership workshop showed me how I had been dropping the ball on my own empowerment and the impact that was making on my interactions with others. Life is different for me on the other side of this experience. I’m immensely grateful.
~Lynn, Arlington TX

This class is an antidote for social awkwardness and a great help for social anxiety. It helps you to become a more active and mindful participant in any relationship. This is a master class in getting along with other humans. Sherry is a fantastic teacher who tailors each class to the needs of the participants and creates a safe, fun, and healing space for exploring and loving yourself. Absolutely worth the time and money!
~Justin, Fort Worth TX

This workshop is available to be taught on-location for a required minimum number of participants. Contact Sherry for details.

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