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Reiki is effective for chakra balancing

Reiki Training

First Degree Reiki training incorporates both academic knowledge, including history and technique, as well as an attunement to the Universal Life Force Energy with the first Reiki symbol. This opens students' energy fields allowing them to channel Reiki for the healing of themselves and others.

Prerequisite: An open & curious mind
Second Degree Reiki allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the use of symbols and learn techniques for using their intuition  as well as performing distance healing. Students receive an attunement to two more Reiki symbols. Information is provided for becoming a Reiki practitioner.

Prerequisite: First Degree Reiki

Reiki Master Practitioner
is for those who want to move more deeply into the practice of Reiki. Students learn about the use of crystals and crystals grids, receive at least six more symbol energies and have the opportunity to become acquainted with their personal Reiki Guides. They practice meditations that expand Reiki energy flow for the purpose of healing themselves and the world at large.

Prerequisites: 1st & 2nd  Degree Reiki

If you are interested in training and don't see a class scheduled, feel free to contact me to see about future class plans.

It is also possible to have me come to you to do a training. There is a minimum # of students required for

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