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Sending A Soulful Signal Artwork by Jayme O'Donnell

Sending A Soulful Signal (SASS)

S.A.S.S. is now available as an online workshop!

First online offering: September 24 - October 15, 2019

I felt like I could face who I was, am and will be with love and understanding.
                                                                               ~Shelley, Dallas TX

What is SASS?

The goal of this workshop is to help participants identify and release patterns that keep them from having the type of relationships they desire. While originally designed for the purpose of calling in a life partner, the process is powerful for all types of relationships.  
During the 4 weeks of SASS, participants will:
Identify patterns from past relationships & understand the impact of self-love.
Create a Mission Statement for their lives.
Release Negative energy from past relationships & clear space for new ones.
Create a vision for the future.
Receive a weekly Follow Up Focus to keep their energy moving toward empowerment.

Each class includes a powerful meditation for clearing and manifesting.

What participants have to say about SASS:

I have always looked for “the love of my life” outside of myself, only to be repeatedly disappointed. This class showed me how to create “the love of my life” from the inside out. I came out of this class feeling more loved, confident and happy than I have been in a very, very long time! So many changes have already occurred in my life and I look forward to welcoming my love when he is ready!  ~Stacy, Dayton OH

For me, I felt more spiritual growth in my healing process. This course has transformed what I define as a sense of self, the importance of positivity, and recognizing that it’s okay to walk away from negativity. ~Jennifer, Fort Worth TX

The biggest benefit for me was being guided to face my truths about who I am and who I was, within a very safe environment. Normally I would chastise myself or feel guilty about what I was or had been or anything else that maybe had nothing to do with me, but instead, I felt like I could face who I was, am and will be with love and understanding. As a tool to learn and develop rather than a club to beat myself up with. ~Shelley, Dallas TX

Sherry Coffman uses her extensive knowledge of various techniques incorporating them into her workshop to maximize her students’ outcomes. She gives personal attention to each student, assisting where needed, so a shift will occur. I highly recommend Sherry’s healing sessions & workshops to anyone who is ready to make a definite positive change in their life.
~Rebecca, Dallas TX

It was truly transforming to me. I believe I resonated to the level of acceptance and self-love. The class sort of changes all the software in you to match the new age of products availalble now, but with the same over-casing.
~Peter, Mesquite TX

I would recommend S.A.S.S. for anyone and everyone. It's not just about a romantic love, but love for yourself. When you release false beliefs about yourself and others it can be life changing. Sherry is a wonderful and compassionate guide on this journey.
~Jayme, Southlake TX

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