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Read what others have said about working with Sherry at Empowered Joy (Formerly Radiant Moon Reiki) below. You may also post a review on our Facebook page HERE.

Sherry at Radiant Moon Reiki is a gracious, warm and powerful intuitive. She quickly tuned into my issues in our short chat. While on her table I was at complete peace feeling suspended in time and space. I felt physically and mentally recharged from my session with her. She also gave me a tangible technique that I’ve used many times with mind-boggling success to deal with negative energy from others. I highly recommend Sherry to anyone open to energy healing.
                                                                   Fort Worth,Texas
                                                                   June, 2012
Sherry at Radiant Moon is like an old friend the first time you meet her...  She made me feel like I was actually in tune with my feelings and myself.  I can't wait to see her again to experience the power and benefits of Reiki and ThetaHealing®.  It was amazing.
Arlington, Texas
February, 2013
For years I have had extremely heavy menstrual cramping.  After one face to face Theta Healing session and one distant session with Sherry, I have been cramp free for 8 months now!
Keller, Texas
March, 2013

 I've seen Sherry a few times now and have felt more connected to my true self than I have in years. She taps into and releases the pain that caused me to build walls and shut out the love and beauty that is abundant in my life. Sherry is helping me live my life fully. I feel incredible after every session.
Arlington, Texas
March, 2013
Thank you for your introduction to the Young Living, Thieves blended oil line of products. Through diligent use of the oral spray, household cleaner, foaming hand soap, mouthwash and throat lozenges I have significantly reduced suffering from my daily allergy reactions.
Fort Worth, Texas
April, 2013
I’ve been in the midst of some important life changes.  I’ve begun to work part time rather than full time while creating a business of my own.  Since I’ve worked for others for about 45 years, this change has brought up many deep fears.  Working with Sherry made it quite easy and effortless to recognize and let go of things that seemed insurmountable and to do so easily and comfortably.  Rather than feeling fearful about the growth and challenges I am and will be facing, I have real excitement.  If you’re ready to take steps to have your life be more of what you want, do yourself a favor and have Sherry at Radiant Moon help you move forward in accomplishing your goal.
Euless, Texas
May, 2013
Being an energy practitioner myself, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some very talented and gifted energy workers.  After having several impressive sessions, I am comfortable in saying Sherry is truly an exclamation point in the energetic realm and clearly loves helping others.  By being able to combine several modalities, she has assembled a very rare, unique, and diverse tool kit for the benefit of her clients.  Having known Sherry for 40 years, I can attest to the integrity and total conviction she will offer and deliver.
Denton, Texas
June, 2013
Sherry is an insightful, intuitive, and effective healer. She gets to the root cause quickly, resolves it, and opens up new possibilities in life. I came to Sherry several times frustrated with life and myself because I was running up against self-imposed limits so hard it hurt. I was getting nowhere, able to see how I was blocking and defeating myself, but unable to break through or change it.  The obvious limiting beliefs were frequently red herrings, but Sherry searched past them to resolve the hidden belief, dual belief, or totally irrational cause-and-effect that was at play.  In spite of being a fairly rational person I had a whole lot of absurd stuff driving my thoughts and actions.  I was stressed-out and stuck when I came to her, but felt present, centered, and much more relaxed and empowered after a session. My life is more complete and fulfilling thanks to her and continues to improve.
Garland, Texas
July, 2013

Sherry at Radiant Moon Reiki was helpful to me at removing personal blocks in my life that were stopping me from living a life I love. She helped me become more in tune with myself and the direction I want to take in my life. The energy healing of Reiki and Theta Healing have made a huge difference in my life. 

Irving, Texas
March 2014

I experienced the Rainbow Oil session that Sherry offers and it was a wonderful experience. It was nurturing, calming and deeply restorative. I felt something "returned to me" within the days following my session. The overall experience left me feeling more whole. 

Fort Worth, Texas
June 2014

Sherry you have a wonderful and graceful presence, as you allowed for me to feel open and at ease. You helped me by allowing me to trust and remain open for Spirit's Love and Light to intervene through us through the Theta Healing®. I believe you have helped me find my higher purpose, which is to be a healer through my multiple usage of color as an artistic modality.

Dallas, Texas
September 2014

Working with Sherry has helped me release a massive amount of resistance and to heal countless fears, old hurts and limiting resentments. We’ve worked together to clear out the old beliefs to make room for a greater potentiality. In the year that I’ve been working with Sherry, I’ve welcomed the relationship that I’ve been wanting for years, a great new job, and the momentum to create anything I want in life.

Duncanville, Texas
January 2015

Awesome experience. Sherry impressed me again with a new modality! Energy sure was flowing and it was intense! I have been seeing Sherry for over 6 months now and as a friend, teacher and guide she was always great. But the Crystal Viewing was something else!
Be prepared with your biggest questions, doubts or needs before hand so it becomes easier to focus on those. As it was my first time exposed to this is what I recommend. The experience allowed me to confirm and clear doubts I had on my choices and values. Definitely would do it again and recommend to all looking to improve themselves by bringing up front things we "know" but end up forgetting with our day to day lives.

Arlington, Texas
April 2015

Ahhh... that is how you will feel after the cosmic clarity session.
How many times have you read the negative aspects of your zodiac sign or astrological chart and sighed??? Well now you can shift those into positive aspects using Theta healing and chart reading to get down to the nitty gritty and purge baby purge!!!

My chart had many planets in retrograde and many lessons to learn in this lifetime, however, Sherry and Tracy helped me pinpoint the root cause and surrounding instigators that keep me from living my dreams to fruition.

The cosmos is here to help us understand our path, now we get to shift our future and hit the high notes of the road ahead befriending the stars instead of cursing them. I have never experienced such a partnership in healing before and highly recommend it.
Amy V, Arlington, TX
September, 2016

Sherry did a Theta healing session for me to target my mild cat allergies. She got to the root issue of what was causing my allergy, and shifted those beliefs. It made a huge difference for me. I have two cats, so it has been wonderful to cuddle with them and not have to go wash my face afterward.
Jennie T, Arlington, TX
May, 2017

"I have studied with Sherry to learn several healing modalities; including Theta Healing. The energy, care, and organization that goes into her classes is amazing! The discussions are meaningful, and the lessons are taught in a way that you can follow and truly embrace. Sherry allows her intuition to guide her and speak through her for the benefit of each student present. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable and confident in your ability, so that you can relax and just learn to create. Her gentle guidance reinforces each teaching and helps commit it to memory. I always leave classes encouraged, uplifted, and very excited to share what I have learned. And I also feel confident that I have all the tools I need to be successful. I appreciate her dedication to her mission of raising the frequency of the world through each student and client. I am excited to continuing learning from this amazing lady!"

Valerie, Fort Worth TX
June, 2017

The AFT exercise was pretty amazing. I could feel the negative feelings lifting as we went through each step. It was such an interesting feeling as each area of my body lightened as it released. At the end, I was holding back giggles, I was so happy! And I had the best night of sleep in weeks! Thank you!
Stacy, Dayton OH
After my AFT session with Sherry, I was released from my fear of rejection enough to trust in people being receptive to cold call potential new clients for their business. I can’t wait to do AFT again!
Lin, Arlington TX
“I did a session this morning with Sherry using essential oils to become emotionally empowered. It is amazing how good I feel!! Leave negativity and "can't do" behind. How many of you feel good when you smell the earth after a rain? The salt in the ocean at the beach? The trees in the mountains? We are emotionally attached to our senses. Let essential oils be the tool you use to attain your goals.”   
Jill, Arlington TX
Experiencing AFT with Sherry was very helpful. She used AFT to help me clear some of the trauma from the death of my daughter 17 years ago. I felt more relaxed and slept better. A few days after this session, I went through a box of old photographs that I had avoided for years and was able to be more detached and actually enjoy some of the memories they stimulated.
Kathy, Fort Worth TX

I had my first DNA Theta Healing session with Sherry a few days ago. It was incredible! I could feel the healing energy coming from her the minute we held hands. Tingling went up and down my arm into my legs and feet. She dug deep into issues that were blocking me from living my best life ever that I didn't even know were there. Just so you know my main problem was my eyesight and things are already slowly starting to clear up for me. The fuzziness in my vision is a little less than days before. Thank you Sherry! I will recommend anyone I can to you.
Shawna, Grand Prairie TX
May, 2018

I am honoured to give Sherry a recommendation. I love your new name and it totally suits your business. Your voice when doing an Aroma Freedom session is so soothing and joyful. I absolutely loved your guidance session. Anyone that is lucky enough to have a session with you is blessed. You are a powerful healer.
Debbie, Alberta Canada
January, 2019

Sherry has helped me in so many ways. She helped me release past life traumas, which were holding me back in my quest for my soul mate. She taught me Reiki, how to learn to love myself, and so much about Young Living Essential Oils! She is fantastic!
Barbara, Rowlett TX
January, 2019

Sherry is an intuitive healer and teacher. In our theta healing (distance) session she gently guided me in a way that was encouraging, like a coach; instructive; like a loving parent and familiar, like a friend. Our session led to greater insight, peace and calm so that I could take on that which needed work, move past it and it made a great difference in my healing journey. I highly recommend Sherry's work. If you are not in her local area, consider a distance session! You won't regret it.
Rob, Ann Arbor MI
February, 2019
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