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The Power of Living Authentically

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day.

It’s about the choice to show up and be real.

The choice to be honest.

The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

- Brené Brown

The truth of who you are is the treasure you have available to share with others as a unique gift. It connects you to Divine Source energy. As such, it is the well of power you hold deep within yourself that sustains you through trials and carries you through to your victories.

In December of 2018, the Universe nudged Sherry to become more authentically aligned with her inner beliefs.  It began with taking a look at holiday traditions and grew into an ongoing revelation of new perspectives. She began to write these down and then decided to share her experience with others through a series of short recordings. As she continued to work with the material, a book emerged.

It is Sherry’s deepest desire that, as you travel your own journey to authenticity, you will be supported and inspired by her shared experience.

The videos are available through YouTube at


 Living Authentically Video Series

Check In With Your Heart

Reaching Out to Others

Have Compassion for Yourself

Spring Equinox Energies

Trust Your Own Rhythm

Keep Your Energy Centered and Focused

Imperfections, Regrets, and Self-Forgiveness

The Power of Happy Memories

A Sense of Belonging

Honor Where You Are

Cultivate Contentment

Fears & Staying Open to Possibility

Don't Compromise Who You are for Who You Think You Should Be


More Videos on the way soon!

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An Invitation to Just be YOU

How would you feel & what would your life be like if you gave yourself the freedom to be exactly who you are?

No apologies, no struggle, no confusion - just you.

This little book will be your guide through a journey of reflection, self-discovery and transformation.

A collection of 52 gems of wisdom and inspiration paired with empowering affirmations for each week of the year.

An invitation to find balance in the sacredness of your inner spaces, identify and shed the layers of protective personas you’ve adopted and live in the freedom of showing up in life as your true, authentic self.

Season by Season, Authentically You
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