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2017 New Year Epiphany

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Today on this 2nd day 2017, I’ve had an epiphany. Reflecting back over some experiences this past year, I can see so clearly situations where I was less than valued or appreciated. This morning, clearing up a mess left over from a New Year’s Eve dinner, I was thinking back over my day yesterday when so many of the women in my environment, in particular, were reaching out to me in ways that showed me how much they appreciate me. One gave me gifts, another asked me if I would share my energy with her and her products to bring a blessing to them.

Finding your Patronus

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Do you ever wish you had the powers of a character from a Harry Potter movie? I do.
One of my favorite scenes of the entire series is when Harry is helping other young wizards learn how to find their personal patronus. I love seeing all the different animals swirl and swoop through the room as these students find their power through the use of happy memories.
If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know a patronus is the most powerful defense a wizard has against any danger and can only be created through use of a happy memory.

Mastering Life

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I had the opportunity to spend time in a national forest this past month. It was a gift I gave myself and it fed my soul. It had been a long time since I had stood in the midst of a family of trees.

One morning after my return home, I sat on the back patio listening to the breeze blow through the trees. It was balmy for October, quiet, with only the sound of the bells from the monastery in the distance. A quote I had seen on Facebook had me thinking about how I spend my days, how I measure if a day is good, successful, etc.

Making your Least Effort

Dear Fellow Travelers,

What’s the least you can do? I was watching a PBS show recently about Westminster Abbey. At one point in the program, we were treated to a view of the internal clockworks of Big Ben. The clock mechanism is controlled by a 14 foot pendulum, but it sometimes shifts and needs to be adjusted in order to keep the proper time. This huge, magnificent apparatus is kept accurate through the use of penny pieces. The attendant explained that by laying one penny piece on the top of the pendulum, he can change the speed of the clock by two-fifths of a second.

Resigning in Defeat or Accepting Change

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I love the vibrant colors and graceful shape of hibiscus blooms. In my yard are two plants, one new and one that I’ve had for years. The new plant is flourishing and offers lovely blooms on a weekly basis. The older one has, for years, lived in the garage during winter and come back outside in spring. The first few years, it would bloom happily whether indoors or out. This year, although it appears healthy, there are sadly no blooms. The plant has obviously exhausted the nutrients from the soil needed to produce.

It's All About Patience & Discipline

Dear Fellow Traveler,

I really hate going to the gym and I’m thinking that some of you likely feel the same way. As a matter of fact, it’s not just the gym I hate, but pretty much all forms of exercise. It’s become almost impossible for me to discipline myself to do any form of exercise other than walking. If you live in North Texas there’s a great deal of the year that walking outside (because, of course, I hate the treadmill) is a bit tricky due to weather. So the things I know that would improve my life and the things that I know would bring me the body, both health-wise and in appearance that I most desire are difficult for me to push myself through.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

Dear Fellow Travelers,

What are you willing to give up, to have what you keep pretending you want?

This is a question that Elizabeth Gilbert shared on a recent book tour for her book Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear. It’s a question she encountered in her early years when she asked advice from an established author. It hit me hard the night I heard it, like an accusation as well as an epiphany. Here are my thoughts following that night.
Everything in life is an energy exchange. Whenever there’s something we desire in life, it brings changes that might not be what we would ask for.

Holy Smoke! We're all connected!

Dear Fellow Travelers,

A few weeks back, driving up I35 on my way to Denton, I passed Texas Motor Speedway and saw a message flash on the sign that said: “Get Well Soon Smoke!” It confused me at first until a man’s face appeared and I realized that “Smoke” must be the nickname for a race-car driver. As I continued down the highway, I wondered about this man, his importance to race car fans and what his illness or injury might be. Then I thought about how important it is to be part of a community.

The Foundation Of Anger

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Just for today, do not anger.

This is the first line of the Precepts which come to us through Usui Reiki. I have created my own version of these precepts and in my version, I say: “Just for today, I amfreefrom anger.” By that, I don’t mean I will go through a day expecting to never be angry, although this is most certainly what Usui intended. The way I interpret being “free from anger” is that when a situation arises which might naturally illicit anger, I am free to let that flow through me, release it and not be controlled by it.

The Comfort Zone of Nothingness

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Do you remember the scene inGone With The Windwhen Atlanta is burning and Rhett Butler throws a shawl over the face of a horse to lead it through town? Horse owners know this is to shield the horse from the sight of the flames so he can be led to safety. Have you ever felt like you needed someone to do that for you? Something better is ahead, but the view along the path is so frightening that you feel you’ll panic and bolt like a horse in a barn fire. I know this feeling well.