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Honoring the Sacred within

May I help you? This is a funny question to consider, but it’s something we often hear and say, especially in business settings. How many of us have heard this when entering a section of a department store? This asking of permission never struck me as significant until a recent occurrence where I felt its stark absence. In that moment, I was changed forever. 

Recently I had an experience with a friend that is common to the human equation. A subject involving my personal life came up and my friend began to ask questions seeking a solution. This particular issue is quite old now and over the years various friends have insisted on revisiting various possibilities. On this recent day, I had neither the mental nor the emotional fortitude to fend off the advance. Because, you see, no matter what my friend’s intentions, that’s how it felt to me. In spite of my repeated requests to end the conversation, questions kept coming until I was emotionally broken and left the house in tears.  

I understand more fully now the sacred space of my clients and students. In both Reiki and DNA Theta Healing® we ask permission. This is not only to engage the human mind in the healing, but as a way of honoring the divine in the individual. Our need to help should never violate another’s sacred space.      

There are two things I’ve taken away from this:  

        We need to be always mindful of the sacred space of those we seek to help,
        especially when we are convinced we know better than they what is best.
        Help that is unwelcome never occurs as help to the recipient. 
        We have a responsibility to honor our own sacred spaces enough to set boundaries. 

I know my friend did not mean to cause me harm. As I move forward, I’m grateful for the lesson in this situation, however uncomfortable it may have been and, because of it, I will be more aware of my own interactions with not only clients and students, but friends and family as well. In this warm summer season, my wish for you is that you will look at your life to see where you may honor the sacred both within yourself as well as others. 


Each organism, no matter how simple or complex,
has around it a sacred bubble of space, a bit of mobile
territoriality which only a few other organisms are allowed
 to penetrate and then only for short periods of time.
                                                                                ~Edward Hall                                   

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