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Stepping into the New Year with Lightness & Joy

Dear Fellow Travelers,

The end of 2014 has been a bumpy ride for many of us as we cast off old ways of being, shift to higher frequencies and get ready for new energy in 2015. I recently was working with a picture to use on an event flier and having difficulty getting it cropped the way I liked. The picture had been taken with my phone and when I transferred it to the computer, it didn’t want to cooperate. In desperation, I posted it to Facebook thinking I’d be able to save it to my computer from there and get it cropped. (Be kind my tech savvy friends.) My plan had been to post, download and delete. What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming response from people who liked and/or commented on the picture. The comments were truly generous, heartfelt and complimentary. As I considered why this particular picture should illicit such a reaction, I began to realize there is an energy coming from it – the laughter, happiness and shear joy I was feeling in that moment was energetically coming through the photo. The past few months had not been filled with such lightness and joy and so I’ve been working on releasing and seeking answers as to why I’m struggling to let go of certain situations,ones I have voluntarily chosen to leave behind. The answer came in perfect timing  the morning of the last day of the year. I hope it will resonate with some of you

I began the day as I have for over a year now reading and responding to posts from women in a private Facebook group hosted by Cynthia Occelli (cynthiaocceilli.com). There were several posts about good wishes in the New Year, some requests for healing energy and a few asking for input on sticky situations. This group has been a rock for the women involved, and this day was no exception. One of our sisters needed advice on how to let go of a situation that’s been hanging over her head like a dark cloud. It wasn’t that she needed to make a decision; that had already been done. What she needed was to let go of the turmoil and conflict in her head and heart. I posted a comment and continued reading what others in the group had to say. There is always something to be learned, a gift to be discovered from the perspectives and offerings of the other women. Here’s what I read that shifted my entire inner dialogue:

“Our strongest attachment is a result of our strongest judgment.”
Stacey Robbins (staceyrobbins.com)  

In a second, the doors flew open and I saw sunlight. The months of questioning a decision about which I had felt so certain, the confusion and sadness over what was no more; it lifted. I’m not going to say it was entirely gone, but I could immediately see it from a higher perspective and begin to work on the real issue. That issue is self-judgment. The first reaction I had was to cry, then I took myself to the tub for a soak with some Epsom salt, baking soda and lavender oil. I asked for guidance to know what the true judgments were in the situation, and as they came forward, one after the other, I released them. In the days that follow, there may be more revealed that I will need to release.

What’s crazy is that I already know this! It’s what I work with on a daily basis with clients. When we struggle to let go of situations, relationships and sometimes even tangible objects it’s due to a judgment we’re holding of ourselves, another person or the situation. I feel pretty certain some of you out there are experiencing this as well. So what I say to you, on the brink of a new year, is let’s release the judgment and free ourselves from the attachments whose time has past. This is what will fill our lives with the energy of joy, laughter and happiness so evident in my photo. As always, if you would could use some help with your journey; I’m here.

Blessings & Light,

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on.
Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”
                                                      ~ Steve Maraboli

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