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Life is in the details

An interior decorator comes into a space and fills in the missing pieces, supplies the finishing touches that create an ambiance in a room, home or other type of building. I’m afraid an interior designer wouldn't have much appreciation for me as a client because I’ve never been driven by the need to replace something purely due to aesthetics. My home is comfortable; I find it pleasing and attractive, but it is not overly decorated. I enjoy the homes of others that are highly decorated when it’s done well, but it’s just not my style. I’m more interested in space, practicality, and most of my adult life, I’ve been driven by a need to conserve resources. Other people create a home environment that is very nicely decorated and do this resourcefully. I applaud them; it's not my gift.  I’m a master at rearranging and creating a new look from materials I already have.

Yesterday, I made a sudden break with my pragmatic side. It was not planned and I was, in truth, completely taken off guard to discover a hidden belief I have been carrying. My epiphany came by way of an impulse buy in a local store, a set of shower curtain hooks. I’ve lived in my home for over 30 years now and the shower curtain hooks had hung in my bathroom for almost all that time. I’ve never been compelled by a need to replace things that were out of style, especially if they were still useful. Not only were these hooks old, and primarily functional without being aesthetically pleasing, but they weren’t even a complete set. Long ago one of the hooks had been broken or lost and I had replaced it with an even older style, cheaper plastic hook of a different shade of blue. That one hook stood out like a lone tree growing from a crag in a mountain.

As I removed the old hooks and replaced them with the new set, I became present to how this 30 year old set of plastic hooks was a visual representation of a few beliefs I was holding about my life. Like the hand me downs from the cousin who was not quite my size, those shower hooks had been reflecting back to me the message that I’m not quite good enough for something that fits, for something of beauty, of elegance, not quite good enough for the best there is. Along with that, it was as if they were affirming, “You’ll never have a complete life. There will always be a piece missing, out of place in everything you do.”  A five dollar impulse purchase at a close out store opened the way for me to consider greater possibilities.

A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as “a shift in perspective”. In finally allowing myself to let go of something that was “good enough” and replace it with something much nicer, I created the opportunity to experience a miracle. If this sounds overly simplistic, I can only tell you that I actually felt the energy shift in my body as I took in the visual of a lovely matched set of shower hooks. I felt the flow of life, joy and possibility move through my body. Now the visual tells a completely different story. Who would think this small detail in my environment could make such a difference? I’m excited to see where this shift will lead me in the days ahead. The limiting beliefs have given way to the question: "What's possible now?".

I challenge you to look around at your own life. What is there in your surroundings that acts as a indication for a limiting belief? What are you holding onto? What in your life is “good enough” that you’re ready to release in order to reach for something that’s great? It could be something tangible like my shower hooks, a situation or a relationship. It could be a habit or a way of being. Are you ready to make the shift and experience a miracle? I hope so.

Blessings & Light,

Here's to the next 30 years!

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