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Choosing the Great in Life

Dear Fellow Travelers,
A few days ago I was running late for an appointment to get new tires on my car. I was flustered, feeling frustrated with myself for leaving the house late. My date with Michelin was the first thing on the day’s schedule before I drove the 45 minutes to my niece’s new house to help her unpack boxes. I was running late, had called the tire store and fighting the thought that I wasn’t doing a good job keeping my commitments. As I rounded the curve on my way out of the subdivision, I saw one of my neighbors trying to catch his little Jack Russell Terrier. It was clear he was losing the battle and so I had a choice to make. I rolled down my window, asked him if he was walking her off the leash or if she was on a walk about. He confirmed what seemed apparent; she was an escapee happily on the loose. My mind started a rapid volley of thoughts, “Do I wish him luck, drive on and keep my tardiness to a minimum?” “He may not want help.” “How can you just drive off and not do something to help?” “OMG, I’m already late!!!” “What if I were in this situation; what would I hope for?” At this point I was still hoping for a “quick fix” so I pulled over to the side of the road, began talking to the dog to see if she would become curious and slow down. She didn’t. I pulled into a driveway, got out of the car and distracted her enough so the neighbor could capture her to take back home safely. It was a small thing. Or was it?
How many times in life are we faced with a similar choice? It reminds me of something Rob Bell robbell.com shared with Elizabeth Gilbert elizabethgilbert.com who then shared it with her Facebook fans. Rob cautions us to not give up the great things in life for the good things. There are so many good things we can do, like being on time for an appointment – keeping your word, watching a movie you like, having dinner with a friend. But when those things supersede great things like helping a neighbor keep a beloved pet safe, spending time with an ailing, aged relative or sitting in quiet moments reflecting on what your next step should be as you connect to Divine Source, they reduce the soulfulness of life. And so Rob advises us to use care when we’re making our choices and choose the great. That day, as small as my experience may seem, I drove away feeling like I had participated in one those great moments in life, happy I had made that choice.
Later, as I drove to my niece’s house, I reflected back over the experience and this is what I saw. Maybe you can relate. I realized, that in the past, fear of rejection and doubt in my self-worth had stopped me from offering help in situations like this. Huh?! That was quite a revelation. I have always been a helpful person with a heart for serving others, but it was clear to me on this day that there had been times when I had projected my own issues of low self-worth on to others and decided they wouldn’t want my help. So, in other words, my low opinion of myself would have deprived my neighbor of my help. Argh! The phenomenal thing about this situation was that I became present to how different my experience of myself is now and just how great that moment had been. Had I waved, wished my neighbor luck and been on my way OR if I hadn’t been running late, I never would have had the chance for this discovery. It was a perfect moment in time and I’m grateful for this gift of personal awareness. I hope that in the days to follow, I will be as present as I was on that morning to the choice between good and great and I will show up as the best version of myself. This spring I wish you all a life full of great opportunities for personal growth.
If you’re looking at your own life today and wondering how you can be more clear on what’s great and what’s merely good, or if you’re feeling stuck in a life of bland sameness, Theta Healing® can be a great assistance. I’d be honored to help you with your journey.
Blessings & Light,
From one of my favorite actresses who was no stranger to the struggle for self-worth: 
Always be a first rate version of yourself
and not a second rate version of someone else.
~Judy Garland

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