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Partnership & Gratitude

Dear Fellow Travelers,

What are you dreaming about these days? What are your dreams saying to you? I’ve had reason to give this some thought recently as I prepared for my workshop, Sourcing A SpiritualSoul Mate. I did some research on dream interpretation and found this by Dr. Michael Lennox:
       Houses in dreams are the symbolic representation of the dreamer's
                      sense of self. No matter what other imagery or circumstances may
                      present themselves in a dream, a house should be considered an
                      unconscious expression of your sense of personal identity.
This made me think about a line from one of my favorite movies Under the Tuscan Sun where the main character says, “The house protects the dreamer.” If your house represents your sense of self and the house protects the dreamer then you need a strong sense of self in order to protect, shelter and sanctify your own dreams. In partnership with you, the tangible structure of your house holds the space in which you create a life. Doesn't it deserve respect for this service?
Part of my morning ritual is to move through my house filling the rooms with Reiki and sealing them with the earth symbol. On a recent morning as I did this, my mind traveled along a few different paths. Suddenly I remembered a conversation with a student in my current workshop, about the struggle she was having with the mirror work. It reminded me that it had been a while since I had done the activity myself and so I went to the mirror and began telling myself “I love you.” I was happy to realize that it had become much more comfortable for me  and so I took it to a new level. After a few moments, I transitioned into hugging myself and accepting love in that way. I could feel the energy moving through my body as I was filled with the essence of self-love. It was a wonderful experience, and when I reflect back on it now, I can see that it was preparing me for something far more incredible.
As I continued moving through the house I was surprised by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude toward my home -  to the actual physical structure of the house that has provided me a space in which to live my life. I’ve lived in this home now for 31 years this fall, but I’ve not always had a good relationship with it. We had a rocky beginning this house and I.  My husband and I had bought the house from a blueprint and when we moved in, there were walls where I did not expect to see walls and no walls where I had visualized defined space.I spent the first few years desperately looking for a way to afford a different house.
As the years went by, I began to make peace with the house and appreciate most of what it offered. In the last 20 years I’ve lived here as a single woman, first raising children and then on my own. I have made the space my own and have claimed it for myself. But on this particular morning, as gratitude washed over me, I came to the realization that I have never really felt myself in partnership with my home. Even though it has been my sanctuary and I have delighted in being able to work from home, I did not really see my house as part of a collaborative effort; I had not looked at it with gratitude for what it provided. When the feeling filled me, tears came to my eyes and as I walked through the house again, I saw flashes of LIFE - flashes of MY life, the lives of my children and all the people who have found sanctuary in this space, whether it be for 15 minutes or 30 years and I became immensely grateful to this house that has held the space for me and my ever changing dreams.
I now find myself rising to a new frequency as I see myself in partnership and gratitude with the physical structure of my house. I’ve shifted my perspective of looking at it as something that has to be taken care of, that seems to be creating challenges for me on a regular basis and reflecting back to me those areas where I’m not able to produce what I want. I now see it as a partner. I see it as a representation of my deepest self and I’m in gratitude to it as I also make the shift into a higher appreciation for who I am and the purpose I am here to achieve. I invite you to consider what relationship you have with your house, considering it as a reflection of your sense of self, and if there is a way I can help you shift that experience, I am honored to be of service.

Blessings & Light,

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”
                                                                                     ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

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