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Rewriting the Future

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Any Back to the Future fans out there? Remember the scene at the end of “Back to the Future II”? Marty stood in the pouring rain feeling lost and confused when Doc Brown disappeared after being struck by lightning. Suddenly he receives a letter that changes his entire perspective.

It was a rainy day here in North Texas on October 23, 2015. Our U-Verse was out so no television nor internet. What to do for an entire day without them? I had started the day in a slump.  It was like I could feel an actual physical block of resistance in my body. I decided not to beat myself up for my lack of productivity, even though I was already feeling behind on a major project and looked for something I was willing to do that required neither a lot of enthusiasm nor creative juices. I began researching audio equipment needed for my upcoming online workshop and managed to get some information that will be useful. I was literally gutting my way through the motions, feeling tears at the edge of my eyes as I studied various options.
At some point, I felt moved to open a closet and do some clearing. I was making a small amount of progress and then received a call from a team member who needed a partner for generating some ideas for an event. What was great was that when she asked how I was doing, I was honest instead of just replying “Fine!”  That opened a space for her to be honest with me about the resistance she was experiencing and gave us both a chance to do some processing.  After the call, I felt a bit lighter and as the day went on, more space opened for me. I remembered how I used to put on a silly record by Joe Scruggs when my boys were little and in a non-responsive mood so that we could get some energy going to accomplish something. We would sing while we worked on projects. So I found a CD and put it on while I tackled the closet.
Later in the day my mind ran through the list of things I had done that day. I was sort of surprised to realize how much had been accomplished to move me in a helpful direction. I had an epiphany that the day was already a success, actually a HUGE success because I had moved forward in the direction of my desires on a day that all I wanted to do was stay in bed and sink into the quicksand of my unexplained misery. That realization gave me courage and enough energy to make the vegetable soup I had planned.
Next, the internet and cable went out, so I dug out my Back to the Future trilogy - one of my favorites. It was a birthday gift from my son a few years ago.  This pushed me into a higher frequency as I revisited not only one of my favorite movies, but the memory of the gift from my son as well. My day ended in a very different place from where it had begun, eating wonderful homemade soup with French bread and completing the Back to the Future trilogy.
At the end of the movie “Back to the Future III” Jennifer asks Doc Brown why the paper she brought from the future has gone blank. He tells her that it’s because none of us knows our future, it’s up to us to write it. I realized that this is exactly what I had done that day. I rewrote my future.
We write our individual futures through the choices we make in each moment. How we feel emotionally is not what creates the future for us. If we cut ourselves some slack and just bring whatever is our best in each moment, it will carry us to the next moment and will most probably open some space. This isn’t easy to remember when we’re sinking in the quicksand, but as my friend Michael J. Fox says, “Do the next right thing.” Whatever that is for you in each moment, just do that. And if you need help along the way to clear some of your blocks, I’d be honored to assist. I wish you many wonderful future stories.

Blessings & Light,

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Angie Ix Chel on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 3:55 PM
Thank you Sherry! I have had one of those days today. Woke up with no energy or inclination to do anything, just drained. I decided I would have day by myself and go with the feelings. I messaged a friend who was expecting me to use her office and explained I need to go for a long walk by the sea and wouldn't be in today. She said she was finishing early and would go and grab her dog and join me! Not what I wanted! We walked a couple of miles and on our return it rained and we got soaked but it was so refreshing and cleansing, it was exactly what I needed! I changed out of my wet clothes and had supper and checked my emails and a friend had sent me a link to your website! It has been a good day for me! Thank you! x
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Sherry Coffman on Friday, November 13, 2015 3:35 PM
Thank you for sharing your experience, Angie. It’s gratifying to know that my post was helpful. I’m proud of you for honoring yourself and listening to your spirit’s need to refresh. It really is magical how we can shift the energy in a day! By the way, your email helped shift my energy on the day I received it, so thank YOU for participating in a better day for me. Blessings & Light, Sherry
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