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Relaxing into Possibility

Dear Fellow Travelers,

How many of you look forward to high school reunions? It’s been decades since I’ve attended one, but I’m headed that direction this spring. Some former classmates have decided it’s time for us to get together again – they’ve even created a Facebook page for our graduating class. As cover photo they chose the traditional panoramic senior class picture taken one spring morning after we were corralled onto bleachers outside the building. Looking at it is quite a flash from the past.  As I scanned the tiny faces on the screen, searching for my own, 43 years melted away. Face after face, I found myself smiling and remembering the excitement of the day. It took a while to identify my own beaming face and I realized that as young girls in the mid 70’s we all looked extremely similar with our long, straight hair. Very few girls wore their hair in any other way.

By contrast, later the same day, I came across the picture of myself taken after my first hair cut during my sophomore year of college. It was the first time I had hair shorter than mid-back since my early elementary days. I’ll never forget that day, scared half out of my wits, going into a hair salon on the edge of the university campus and allowing this stranger to cut 6, 7, 8 inches off of my hair.  I had decided it was time for a change, but was in mourning as I watched long strands of hair hit the floor around the chair. All through high school I had envied so many other girls with thick, luscious, flowing hair. My hair was baby fine and very thin - having long hair had been a dream for long enough. The stylist was very quiet, dark, brooding even and had little to say during the session. This worked to increase my anxiety.
Imagine my excitement when at the end of the appointment my new stylist said to me: “This haircut is perfect for what your hair does best.” Finally! Someone was going to reveal the unique gifts of my hair and with glee and joy, I asked: “Oh! What’s that?” His answer was: “Hang”. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with the suggestion that the thing my hair did best was “hang”. It took a while to get over the blow to my ego, but the compliments I received in the weeks and months that followed did a lot to soothe my pain. If I had chosen to be offended or hurt by his comment to the point of rejecting further haircuts from him, I would have been robbed from a lifetime of unique creations for which I receive compliments almost every week of my life.

This makes me think about how often we push against the things in life that are reality. How many times are we shown the truth of a situation for ourselves or someone else and become offended, hurt or go into denial?  We push back against that reality, that truth, and insist on something that just isn’t real. During this time we most often find ourselves in massive struggle with great unhappiness.  I’m happy and content that I was able to accept the truth I was given about my hair and live the next 40 plus years with fabulous, well created haircuts designed specifically for my hair, my features and the shape of my face. Not only have I lived free from concern about how my hair looks, but I gained a lifelong friend in the bargain.

As we continue on in the beginning of this New Year, my wish for you is that you will be able to both see the truth of your life as it’s revealed to you and embrace it so that you can bring maximum beauty, value, enjoyment and contentment to your life. Why not relax into what is, just sit with it and let the possibilities unfold? If I can help you in any way along your journey, it would be my honor to do so.

Blessings & Light,

Spring 1974 - Accepting Reality


"I dwell in possibility."

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