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The Comfort Zone of Nothingness

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Do you remember the scene in Gone With The Wind when Atlanta is burning and Rhett Butler throws a shawl over the face of a horse to lead it through town? Horse owners know this is to shield the horse from the sight of the flames so he can be led to safety. Have you ever felt like you needed someone to do that for you? Something better is ahead, but the view along the path is so frightening that you feel you’ll panic and bolt like a horse in a barn fire. I know this feeling well.

It’s been more than two and a half years now since I retired from the profession I knew was mine from my sophomore year in high school to pursue a new dream of energy healing. Recently, I found a journal entry I wrote at that time. It reminded me of the power of fear.

After a year of working, training, and practicing, I had done my first psychic fair. The next morning I was on the phone with a friend reviewing the results. In my mind, I knew that it had been a success as a first endeavor, but I couldn’t seem to own it. My friend, being a business owner himself, was intimately familiar with the ins and outs of starting a business. He was honestly impressed with the results I had achieved. I had taken in enough money to cover my booth fee, collected 9 email addresses, planted a lot of seeds, and even did sessions with 2 other vendors who had confirmed results for me.

As I was talking with my friend, I began to cry. At first, I had no idea why and then I saw clearly. . . I was crying with sorrow at having succeeded. I suddenly realized I was more familiar with being consoled than congratulated. If the fair had really bean a success, then that might mean that I was a success at this new venture -  that I was capable of having what I want for my life. So, I was crying because I feared success. Bam!!! That hit. Then it all came spilling out. If I’m afraid of success and I’m petrified of failure, where does that leave me? Right in the middle,the comfort zone of nothingness, the vanilla ice cream in a cup, no cone, no sprinkles, just plain predictable vanilla. And I knew in that moment that most of us live our lives in that space, never, or seldom, risking anything outside the safety zone. Our egos do a marvelous job of keeping us safe and right there where there’s no reason to be afraid.

Why would we be afraid of success? Because with success comes change and change is uncomfortable since we fear the unknown. So we sit back and let others take risks for us. We follow sports, watch movies with crazy stunts; we read all about celebrities who dare to love again. And we call this entertainment when it is really just a way to release the pressure we feel at having suppressed all our own desires, dreams and ambitions that have gone unheard. We push them down into our guts and we become dead, physically ill or mentally and emotionally unstable. From this condition is it any wonder we delve into addictive behaviors?

So, what can we do when we find ourselves in this place? There is only one safe way out and that’s to walk straight through the burning wall of fear. On the other side we’ll find joy, freedom and a vortex of possibility. It takes determination and sometimes we have to put blinders on the ego just like we would shield a horse from the sight of the flames. In the end, we gain courage, confidence and most of all a new life experience. I promise it's worth the journey.

As I reflect on my own epiphany, I wish for you the most powerful life experience possible. If you feel you could use some guidance navigating, it would be my honor to assist.

Blessings & Light,

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.  Neale Donald Walsch

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