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Resigning in Defeat or Accepting Change

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I love the vibrant colors and graceful shape of hibiscus blooms. In my yard are two plants, one new and one that I’ve had for years. The new plant is flourishing and offers lovely blooms on a weekly basis. The older one has, for years, lived in the garage during winter and come back outside in spring. The first few years, it would bloom happily whether indoors or out. This year, although it appears healthy, there are sadly no blooms. The plant has obviously exhausted the nutrients from the soil needed to produce. I know how it feels.  This summer, I’ve been forced to reevaluate the way I “spend” my personal energy and become more sensitive and aware to when I’m investing too much of it in others. I’ve realized that, like my hibiscus plant, just staying away from harmful elements during times of “bad weather” is not enough to replenish the soil that feeds me. This has occurred as a total restructuring of my life as I learn new ways of interacting with others, gauging my personal energy and being hyper diligent about restoring my reserves. It means I can no longer live as I have for decades. I have two choices: resignation or acceptance.

The question then comes to mind: “What’s the difference between resignation and acceptance?” Here are my thoughts. . . Resignation carries a negative connotation. It has a heavy, lifeless feel to it while acceptance feels much lighter. Acceptance holds a space for something new. It feels like hope is still alive while resignation feels like the death of a dream. When you’re resigned to something, you’ve given up – when you accept it, you’re flowing with the energy of life instead of against the stream. Acceptance creates an energy of possibility, an energy of hope, an energy of allowing, while resignation is like the shutting of a door or the sealing of a coffin. It holds a space of sorrow, sometimes anger and even resentment.

One of the things I’ve been doing this summer as I figure out how to adjust to a new way of being is revisiting the PBS series Downton Abbey. The last season is all about looking at the different ways the British people handled changes in their culture during the 1920’s. It was a struggle for owners of huge estates with vast properties to continue as they had in the past. People who adapted their way of life and learned a new way of living were often able to save their estates as they changed with the times. Those who held on fervently to the old ways of living, usually ended up losing their homes and the traditions they sought to maintain were lost to them completely. In these cases, acceptance lost to resignation.

The past few months we’ve witnessed powerful energetic shifts on the planet. Many of us are feeling the call to new ways of being. If we can navigate these new waters from a space of acceptance rather than resignation we will see life and possibility rather than death and sorrow. I’m looking forward with peaceful acceptance and I wish the same for you. If you find yourself in this struggle and would like some assistance, it would be my honor to serve you.

Blessings & Light,

"Acceptance doesn't mean resignation;
it means understanding that something
is what it is and that there's got to be a
way through it."            ~Michael J. Fox

2 Comments to Resigning in Defeat or Accepting Change:

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Maria Johnson on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 12:21 PM
I enjoyed reading your blog entry! I agree with your assessment on the difference between acceptance versus resignation. When I had cancer, I thought I had to resign myself with my limitations in my health, and I felt defeated. Now I'm looking at my health with acceptance, and I don't feel defeated or hopeless. Your words have been encouraging!
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Sherry Coffman on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 5:32 PM
Thank you for sharing your comment Maria! I'm happy to hear that my words were encouraging to you, but even more gratified to know that you have found hope. Keep flowing with acceptance and I send you Light & Love for continued health. Sherry

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