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Mastering Life

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I had the opportunity to spend time in a national forest this past month. It was a gift I gave myself and it fed my soul. It had been a long time since I had stood in the midst of a family of trees.

One morning after my return home, I sat on the back patio listening to the breeze blow through the trees. It was balmy for October, quiet, with only the sound of the bells from the monastery in the distance. A quote I had seen on Facebook had me thinking about how I spend my days, how I measure if a day is good, successful, etc. It said something like:

 “You cannot master your life in a day. Master the day and then repeat that.”

It captured my attention, this idea of looking at each day as a capsule to master.  I began to wonder what it would mean, what it would take for me to master a day. I could see my life as a beautiful tapestry where each bit had been meticulously woven with care to complete the image. Or maybe like a forest where each tree is a unique expression of growth, having developed at different times, but all an important part of the whole.

As I sat in that quiet space hearing the chirp of birds and watching bees buzzing past, a book on my lap, I decided that the best way to judge if my day has been good, if I have mastered it, is to see how I’ve allowed myself to be fed in body, mind and spirit. Did I spend my day just working, chasing money? Did I let it drift by with no thought of how I spent the hours and minutes? How did I feed my mind? How did I love my body? How did I help my spirit evolve? Did I experience Joy and try in whatever small way to bring Joy to another?

It is my intention to remember this day for a long time to come and make this my practice of planning and measuring my days. At the end of life, I want to look back and see the forest of days that I've planted where breezes will blow through the leaves for future generations to hear and enjoy. I wish the same for you.

Blessings & Light,


One should count each day a separate life. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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