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Finding your Patronus

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Do you ever wish you had the powers of a character from a Harry Potter movie? I do.
One of my favorite scenes of the entire series is when Harry is helping other young wizards learn how to find their personal patronus. I love seeing all the different animals swirl and swoop through the room as these students find their power through the use of happy memories.
If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know a patronus is the most powerful defense a wizard has against any danger and can only be created through use of a happy memory. It has to be a strong memory – one that brings joy up from the heart. Once the wizard holds the energy of this memory, he summons his Patronus with “Expecto Patronum” In Latin, one of the possible meanings of patronus is “protector” so the words “Expecto Patronum” are used by the author, J.K. Rowling, to mean “I await a protector”. (Latin teachers will tell you that she got this wrong, but that’s a different discussion you can read about here: owlcation.com)
Have you ever considered what your patronus memory would be? I was sitting recently early in the morning, feeling a heaviness in my body. It was a day without a plan when I was uncertain of my purpose. I sat in contemplation talking to Spirit and heard: “It’s just a feeling. You can choose another one.”

As I considered what feeling I might have access to in that moment, I remembered my patronus. I remembered the scene, the memory, the moment I had chosen that I knew if I were a young student at Hogwarts would be my memory to create my patronus and as I thought about that and saw the moment in my mind, I felt my body become lighter. I let my mind move from that thought to another memory – one of my youngest child as an infant; I saw myself kissing him on the forehead and my body became lighter. Then to another memory of my oldest child waking in the morning in his crib when I would walk in his room. I could see his head pop up with a beautiful smile and I saw myself greet him with the phrase “Good morning Sunshine!” My body grew lighter. Next, my mind moved on to the time one of my sons as a toddler was running with glee down the sidewalk with his arms pushed back behind him giggling because he thought I wouldn’t be able to catch him. Once again, my body grew lighter.

These memories that we pull up from our hearts create joy in our souls and they will lighten our spirits and our bodies. I love the message that J.K. Rowling gives us through the magic of a patronus, that intense, happy memories have the power to keep us safe in the face of the most threatening of dangers. Not all of us have a magic wand and spells to create what we see in the world of Harry Potter, but we have the same power of thought and can access power to change our environment through our happy memories.

I would invite you today to think through this concept. It’s so much easier to manifest what we want in life when we remain at a frequency and vibration for joy. We have access to Joy through our precious memories, these patronus moments. So, today on the verge of 2017, a year destined to be incredible, I ask you: “What’s your patronus memory?” Find it and use it powerfully in your life.

Blessings & Light,

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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