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2017 New Year Epiphany

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Today on this 2nd day 2017, I’ve had an epiphany. Reflecting back over some experiences this past year, I can see so clearly situations where I was less than valued or appreciated. This morning, clearing up a mess left over from a New Year’s Eve dinner, I was thinking back over my day yesterday when so many of the women in my environment, in particular, were reaching out to me in ways that showed me how much they appreciate me. One gave me gifts, another asked me if I would share my energy with her and her products to bring a blessing to them. Another insisted that the healing that she does would be extremely beneficial to me with the recent injury I’ve had and she was right. A card reader friend gave me three times as much time as the reading was meant to be and when I offered her more money, told me that she would have read for me for free.

This morning, I realize that this is the Universe bringing messages to me that I am valued in my community, that these people appreciate me both for who I am and for what I have to offer. Being a Theta Healer and understanding that what is reflected back to us from the world represents the frequency we hold for ourselves, I have to acknowledge that I must not have been fully appreciating myself in the past. So that is my mission for the beginning of this new year of 2017, to look at ways to both accept and receive, acknowledge and recognize the appreciation coming to me from others as well as those times when I’m not being appreciated so I can evaluate whether or not that situation needs to change.

I also have to take responsibility to ensure that I hold a frequency of appreciation for myself, acknowledge my own value, appreciate myself and live in that space in order to be an energetic match for the people who are able to appreciate me fully. Clearly progress has been made as I experienced a day full of appreciation yesterday. But it shows me now where I was not a vibrational match for this in the past.

We have heard before if you want to experience more love, offer more love; if you desire  friendship; be a friend, if you want to be treated with kindness then treat others with kindness. I agree with that 100%. The piece that was missing, or may have been missing in the past is that when offering love to others, don’t leave yourself out. When thinking about being a good friend, be a good friend to yourself. When you seek to be kind to others, don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

This is the year we have heard is for immense transformation, for crazy manifesting, for the reward of what we’ve accomplished the last 9 years in our building, in our clearing, in our growing, in our struggles to release what doesn’t serve us and to build the things in our lives as a foundation for what is coming. Be kind to yourself; be your best friend; love yourself and please, please, please value and appreciate yourself in this New Year.

I send my sincerest wishes that you experience all these things in 2017 May the sun shine upon you and the moon inspire you to new heights of growth and happiness.

Blessings & Light,

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”  ~Steve Maraboli

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