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Growing from the Roots

Dear Fellow Travelers,

This past October I found myself yearning for greener space, for taller & denser trees – forest. It had been a very long time since I had stood in the midst of trees so tall that they seemed to reach the sky. So I took myself to the forest. It was a short trip, but it accomplished what I needed. A friend and I jumped in a rental car and headed to Mena, Arkansas to drive through the hills and wander through the forests. On our last day there, I walked around the property of the air bnb where we stayed saying goodbye to the elements.

There was an exceptionally large tree in the front yard with whom I had spent quite a bit of time during our stay. As I laid my hand on the tree and bent my head forward to say my goodbyes, it spoke to me and said: “Grow from your roots.” This trip had been part of a long healing process for me. I had had a devastatingly painful shift in my life some months before and I was literally floundering for a way to regain my direction and footing. I stood there talking to the tree and felt myself becoming at least partially whole again. Over the past few months as I’ve contemplated the message and considered what my “roots” are, I’ve become stronger and, yes, more grounded.

There are times in life when we feel as if we’ve been cut down, burnt to the ground, broken or cracked open. What this living essence of nature was telling me was that no matter what is happening on the surface of my life, I have roots deep in the source that feed me and keep me in place. What I learned from my tree sister is that as long as the roots are undamaged, the tree can create new life and that’s what I’ve done in the months following the devastation.

I have found that my roots are in my experience as a mother, teacher and healer. From my earliest days, this is how I’ve known myself. I feel my strongest and most connected to life when I’m interacting with my sons, sharing knowledge with others or offering myself to help another heal. It doesn’t mean that every day since that moment has been happy, that the situation that caused my despair no longer exists nor does it mean that I can go back and change anything that’s transpired. The power is in my roots and the possibility they give me to be nourished and held safe as I heal and little by little extend myself for new growth.

f you’re not already aware, give some thought to what constitutes your roots and know that they are working under the surface to create possibility for your future. As always, if you’d like some assistance along the way, I’d be honored to help.

Blessings & Light,

"Grow from your roots."
~ a sister in Mena Arkansas

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