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Shifting the Course of the River

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Do you have the force necessary to change the course of a river? I believe you do. Months ago I saved a YouTube video from a channel called Sustainable Human. The clip told the story of a transformation that occurred in 1995 when wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park. The deer population had increased to the point where vegetation was reduced to dangerous levels. Wolves had been absent from the park for 70 years at this time and when a small group was brought into the environment the park experienced what is called a “trophic cascade”- an ecological process that starts at the top of the food chain tumbling through layers to the bottom.

The wolves did what was expected and killed deer. What had not been anticipated was the chain reaction their presence created. Deer began to avoid areas where they were more likely to be trapped by wolves. These areas regenerated and vegetation flourished. Song birds moved in as well as beavers who built dams that provided habitats for other species. The wolves also killed coyotes which increased the population of rabbits and mice who in turn attracted birds of prey such as hawks, ravens and eagles.The most astonishing change was that due to the regenerating of the forest, river banks became more stable, meandered less and so became more fixed in their course. The end result was that a small number of wolves transformed not only an entire ecosystem, but the physical geography as well.

What I love about this story is that in being true to the nature of who they are, living their lives 100% authentically the wolves set into play the creation of a new environment. One that was, in the long run, a stronger, healthier version. They had no agenda other than living the best life they could. We can learn a lot from their story. 

Ultimately when we show up as our most authentic selves, our impact has the greatest benefit for all living beings in our environment. Others may, at times, see us as the “bad guys” when they judge our impact as negative. We have to find the courage to let even the wildest parts of ourselves come forth remaining true to our inherent nature. When we do this and have faith in who we are, we see new things come to life around us and we become the heroes of our own stories. We can shift the course of the metaphorical rivers in our lives and in so doing see the lives of those with whom we share their banks flourish.

As always, if you could use some help along the journey to becoming your most authentic self, I’d be honored to assist.

Blessings & Light,

“Be who God meant you to be and
you will set the world on fire.”

Watch Sustainable Human's video:

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