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Intuitive Sacred Self-Care

sacred self-care

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Have you ever noticed what happens when a family goes on vacation with a young child and packs too much into a busy day? Toddler tantrum, we’ve all seen them – the little one’s limits are exhausted and the fit begins, stomping, crying, screaming and sometimes even thrashing around on the ground. Pushing past the intuition with the rational mind and forcing a rational decision on yourself sometimes has the same effect as pushing a toddler who is tired and hungry to take just one more ride at the amusement park before the family goes home. It can create complete and utter disaster, chaos, meltdowns and negative energy of all sorts that can take quite a bit of time to resolve and bring back to balance.

One day a few weeks ago, I chose not to go to my Tai Chi class. I’ve recently made a re-commitment to the practice regardless of whether I felt I had enough time or money. It was a commitment to myself for my personal well-being. I’ve been proud of myself for the number of times in sequence I've made it to class. Up until that day I had only missed due to obligations I had for teaching classes. I wanted to go to Tai Chi when I got out of bed, but things happened as the morning moved ahead that caused me to be in a place of needing self-care that didn’t involve a 25 minute drive to be there with my class. Tai Chi is a good thing, it has been a strongly positive experience in my life. I enjoy the people, I enjoy the practice; I am committed to this discipline and very happy with the progress I had made since returning.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to myself that I was willing to recognize on that day the self-care I needed was in not going out of the house, not going to that thing that is good for me and choosing some other form of self-care. There are so many things that we can choose to spend our time and energy on and self-care is such an important thing. How many times do we think that something that is good for us has to happen, because that’s what has been planned – it’s “on the calendar”.  I could feel inside myself that if I pushed past the internal message that I would be exhausting my reserves to a point of near depletion. It was time to refuel my inner reserves with quiet (certainly not city traffic), a cup of tea and maybe a nap.

What urged me to stay home and do other things on that particular day wasn’t a rational thought, it was a need calling out from my soul. My intuition was telling me I needed solitude and other forms of caring for myself. I had to make a choice about what would honor my sacred self. What would be the best of the good choices? By the end of the afternoon and going into early evening, my mood, my thoughts and my emotions had shifted and I was able to begin creating things for my life that needed to be done. Even though being in Tai Chi class would never be harmful to me. I chose the good of the good in order to serve myself for my highest and best.

I encourage you to look at the choices you make in your life and make sure that you’re not pushing past your intuition with your rational thought and creating a maelstrom of grief and frustration by choosing something that seems logically good when your soul is crying out for something else. If you find that you need help in working with your inner guidance, It would be my honor to assist with that. I am available for private one on one sessions or you might consider taking my online course designed to help you strengthen the connection to intuition.

Blessings & Light,


transformation chamber

“Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you are.”

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