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Not All Days Are Diamonds

Dear Fellow Travelers,

John Denver let us know years ago that “some days are diamonds, some days are stones.” None of us has only diamond days throughout life, so what do we do with the stones?

It’s difficult to plant a flower bed or vegetable garden if the ground is full of stones. We have to find a way to get rid of the stones and create a place where we can dig, plant and make certain that water will reach whatever we’re growing. In a day that we might consider a stone, we don’t have the option to toss the stone to the side or cart it off in a wheel barrow like we do when planning a garden. So, what can be done with those days?

Generally what makes a day a stone is that we're feeling anxious, angry, frustrated or stuck in some way because life is currently other than what we had planned or desired. When this happened to me recently, I remembered something Abraham said about noticing what is satisfying in a given moment.  Even though I was feeling low about the current situation, I allowed myself to acknowledge what felt good in that exact second of time. First I noticed a small vase of dried flowers on the wall, then the lovely autumn day outside the window and the sound of leaves falling. In doing this, the heaviness I was feeling was lifted ever so slightly as I gave myself permission for my day and life to be more than the sadness and negative thoughts. After a few minutes, my mind opened to a positive aspect in the situation that was troubling me.

Try this for yourself the next time your day feels like a rock. In the presence of whatever has captured your attention, see if you can find one small detail wherever you are – something visual, something you can hear, taste or feel - something that your senses tell you is pleasing to you or as Abraham-Hicks would say, satisfying. Shift your focus from whatever has grabbed your attention and held you ransom. Have the leaves begun to turn colors creating a landscape of vibrant color? Do your socks feel particularly soft and comfortable? Can you hear your puppy snoring softly as she naps? What’s present in your environment into which you can dive with your attention?

Find that one tiny detail in the moment that brings you pleasure, that is a pleasing sensation to your mind and body. As you do, you will notice a tiny shift in your mindset that brings a greater feeling of possibility. Next look again at the situation that is unsatisfying and see how you can change the thought about it into a way that this can be of benefit to you. Where can you shift your thought to see something new? What can you reach for that wasn’t there before? A rainy day that “ruins” your outdoor plans can be a blessing in disguise if you’re behind on laundry, needing a day to veg out or wishing you had more time to read the book you bought last year. This isn’t to say that disappointment is wrong, but let your energy flow from “stone” closer to “diamond” and unblock the flow of energy.

Remember my reference above to creating a garden when the land is full of rocks? One of the many things tourists find so enjoyable about Ireland are the rolling hills covered in serpentine stone walls. They pull off on the sides of roads to gaze and breathe deep breaths of satisfaction. Calendars are full of these types of images and prints adorn walls. Did the Irish decide all those decades ago that rocks would make a lovely wall? I believe most of our Irish ancestors would say that the rocks were seen as a burden, but one they turned to their advantage. 

The next time something in your life is weighing you down, try this:

     Find something pleasing in the moment, no matter how small.
                         Focus on it intensely until you feel a shift in your energy.
  It will feel as if space has opened in your heart and/or mind.
                         Be open to how you can see benefit in the situation.

This will take some concentrated effort on your part, but as you begin to practice the new behavior, it will become easier. Essentially what you want to do is become so good at shifting the negative thoughts that life becomes an open canvas for you.

Even in the deconstruction of a current situation that is pleasing to you, the potential of new things coming into your life is present. See how you can refocus and take your power back. If you feel stuck in your efforts, it would be my honor to help. As an Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, I can guide you through a simple, effective process to shift your perspective toward an empowered mindset.

Blessings & Light,

For those of you who are John Denver fans: Some Days Are Diamonds

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