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Carry mother earth within you

Carry Mother Earth within you

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Oils for Radiant Living

Essential oils provide wonderful support in living a joyful, empowered life. Sherry uses her intuitive gift to bring the best essential oils into all client sessions. including AromaDome Aromatherapy, Transformation Chamber and Aroma Freedom Technique. Clients have found these experiences to be transformative for their lives. For those desiring Distance Sessions, (American Continent only) oils may be shipped for a small fee. Sessions will need to be scheduled in advance to allow time for delivery.

Essential Oils groupings often suggested for clients​

If you'd like guidance on oils to enhance your life, feel free to contact Sherry. She's happy to chat. To order these oils or others that may have been suggested to you during sessions, click the link below to set up an account. No minimum purchase required. Order $100 or more and receive a 24% discount & free shipping. Or, order a Starter Bundle and enjoy 24% off future orders of any amount.

Have a Good Day essential oils protocol

Have a Good Day Protocol

Apply these oils each morning to set the scene for a day of balanced, open energy.

Valor blend - Apply to the wrists.

Joy blend - Apply to the heart chakra area.

Harmony blend - Across the Solar Plexus

White Angelica blend - Sprinkle on fingertips,

feather over the aura and wipe across the top of your shoulders

Memory Release Blend​

Use this blend for the Aroma Reset whenever there is something troubling you in a current situation.

Equal parts:




Schedule a 15 minute session for guidance on how to use these oils for an Aroma Reset.

Memory Resolution Technique Oils

This technique is used to release the emotional sting from troubling memories that haunt you.

Memory Release Blend (at the left)

Inner Child blend

Believe blend

Schedule a 15 or 40 minute session to be guided through a Memory Resolution.

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